Abacus Worldwide

QRGA, LLP is an independent member of Abacus Worldwide, an international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms focused on connecting like-minded quality firms for the sole purpose of providing its member firms with the knowledge and resources they need to grow in today’s multifaceted business environment. Through membership in Abacus, QRGA, LLP strongly enhances its ability to provide assistance, referrals and increased knowledge to clients with international business needs. In addition, clients of the firm benefit directly from the relationships and resources that are exchanged between member firms of Abacus. Similarly, QRGA, LLP provides other Abacus members with access to the firm’s expertise in our niche markets of not-for-profit entities; closely held private firms (operating in distribution, construction, service and manufacturing); unions; employee benefit plan (ERISA) audits; peer review service to other CPA firms; and medical practice and to their vast knowledge of the New England, and in particular, the Eastern Massachusetts market. The goal of Abacus Worldwide is to assist member firms in meeting client needs locally and internationally by connecting them with the right firms in the right locations anytime and anywhere. To learn more about Abacus visit www.abacusworldwide.org.