Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit PlansQRGA, LLP provides in-depth employee benefit plan knowledge and an experienced team that is ready to help you any time of the year. We emphasize quality and value every step of the way. With the increasing focus by both the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Review Service (IRS) on employee benefit plans, it is now more important than ever to select an auditor who specializes in the performance of audits of employee benefit plans.

At QRGA, LLP we have developed a niche practice providing high quality service including audit, tax and consulting services to employee benefit plans. We pride ourselves on our long term client relationships and our experience and knowledge in the technical auditing of employee benefit plans. We have serviced a significant number of 401(k), 403(b), ESOP, and defined benefit pension plans for over 25 years. Our team has experience as external auditors, internal auditors and consultants so that we recognize all sides of the operation of the plan. Our teams follow the highest professional and industry standards when performing audit work, adhering to the firm’s core values and exceeding client expectations. As a result, our team is able to offer valuable recommendations and share best practices with clients.

We have worked with numerous record keepers and trustees and have often assisted with the evaluation and transitions when a plan sponsor chooses to make a change in third party administrators. We have also successfully represented clients who have been chosen for audit by the Department of Labor and the IRS. We make our reports understandable and spend time educating the responsible readers as to the meaning of the financials and any current pronouncements that affect the entity’s accounting or reporting. All of our audit work encompasses an understanding of the systems and procedures in place and an evaluation and testing of accounting policy and procedures underlying the operations of the entity. We strive to make our Employee Benefit Plan clients aware of their fiduciary responsibilities. We are committed to providing superior technical service and keep our understanding of current issues fresh through membership in the Employee Benefits Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC) and our participation in the Massachusetts Society of CPAs ERISA Accounting and Auditing Committee, where one of our partners, Donna Neely, is co-chairperson. Our sponsorship and participation in year round seminars including the AICPA’s Annual Employee Benefit Plan Conference allows us to maintain our knowledge in these areas and be on top of all trends, changes, and pronouncements by the AICPA, MSCPA, DOL and IRS as they relate to ERISA plans.

AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
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QRGA, LLP is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center for CPA firms. Membership in the Quality Center assures that the Firm keeps up-to-date on the best practices, guidelines, and tools CPAs need to perform quality benefit plan audits and better serve their clients.

As a member of the Quality Center, QRGA, LLP has a designated partner who is responsible for the benefit plan audit practice, establishing firm-wide training and quality control programs, performing annual internal inspection procedures, and making the Firm’s peer review report findings publicly available. All of these measures ensure high standards for the benefit plan audit practice of the partners and staff of QRGA.

Contact Donna Neely or Barbara Gonsalves for more information.