Litigation Support and Fraud Investigation

Litigation Support and Fraud Investigation

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The background of the firm’s team members includes:

  • Advanced Education degrees
  • Considerable industry experience in such industries as garment manufacturing, medical practices, printing, insurance agencies, electronics, and banking
  • Significant number of years auditing in national, regional, and local firms
  • College teaching credentials
  • Experienced Peer Reviewers where we audit over 100 other CPA firms

The process of expert witness starts with an overview and understanding of the situation followed by document review, taking a position on the matter, providing advisory and support services to first educate and then enhance the approach of the litigation team to complex issues, and culminates with testimony in either an arbitration setting or testimony in the federal or state court system. QRGA, LLP has an experienced team for each phase.

Fraud & Investigation Services:

Every business hopes not to have to make the call to their accountant that goes something like: “I think we have a problem with our cash position at the xyz plant”. The fact is that fraud and thefts are prevalent in today’s society. Our services include:

  • Testing internal information against external source information
  • Reviewing policy and procedure and suggesting improvement
  • Performing fraud audits utilizing proprietary computerized software

Each fraud investigation is unique, sensitive, and unknown as to outcome. Our response to a call for either Litigation or Fraud Investigation will be timely and responsive to the unique needs that are always present in these types of services.

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