I have been a financial manager in the professional service industry for 30 years. I have worked for several major engineering and architectural firms in the Boston area. I have used a number of regional and mid-sized CPA firms. My experience with these firms has been mixed. I have found that the constant turnover of staff and push to sell additional services to us at times frustrating. My personal feelings are that our CPAs should provide review, audit and tax return services with tax consulting. All other services such as business consulting, software sales etc. should be left to others. We switched to QRGA a few years ago when our CPA firm really let us down, and basically refused to help us with an internal control letter for a client. QRGA was doing our 401(k) audit at the time. We asked if they could help us, and they came through for us. We now use QRGA for our financial and 401(k) audits as well as federal and multi-state tax returns. We find them responsive, timely and professional. Their low staff turnover helps us work closely with them to provide required documentation. I would highly recommend their services.

– Bruce P. White
Director of Finance

The Boston School Bus Drivers Deferred Retirement and Savings Plan 401(k), and our nearly 800 participating members, very much appreciate the rigorous, professional and timely approach that Donna Neely, CPA, and her team at QRGA, LLP take in performing our Plan’s yearly audit.

While demanding that our Plan and its investment committee are up to date and in compliance with all of our documentation, reporting, and communications with our members, QRGA’s team also takes the extra time to understand, document and help us protect all of the unique benefits in our collectively bargained Plan, the sole savings that our members depend on for their retirement. QRGA has successfully and smoothly facilitated our Plan through IRS auditing and Plan Document re-statements, and the firm’s high compliance standards pass the DOL’s stringent examination every time. QRGA’s diligent work and reasonable cost have safeguarded our members’ hard work.

– Steve Gillis
Vice President, USW Local 8751
Administrator, Boston School Bus Drivers Deferred Retirement and Savings Plan